Toyota Industries booth image

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon: Toyota Industries to display Vitz concept car designed for women by women

Toyota Industries plans to display a Vitz concept model at the 2017 Toyota Auto Salon from January 13 to 15. The company’s female employees designed the model to target women drivers.

Toyota Industries is contracted by Toyota Motors to produce the Vitz and RAV4 under the slogan of “Making Our Own Cars Better Through Our Own Power,” and is carrying out the “Our Company’s ViRA Action” to offer the best possible car craftsmanship that drivers will love.

Part of this effort is the Vitz Women’s Power Improvement Committee, where female employees design car items aimed at women drivers. The keywords for this concept model are “Classic, Effortless, Elegant,” and the model they’re displaying is the Navy Velvet concept model, which is aimed at female drivers from ages 20-30.

The company will also display the Vitz Rally Car, which won the annual championship in the JC3 class of the JAF All Japan Rally Championship. The display will exhibit the panel of the previous Vitz Rally Car and show the sportiness and beauty of the Vitz.

(Translated by Greg Scott)