Nissan Dayz Roox

Nissan releases updated Dayz Roox featuring redesigned front end

On December 21, Nissan Motor Company announced its release of the partially updated Dayz Roox.

This minor upgrade involved a redesign to its front end. The Dayz Roox Highway Star offers exceptional quality and presence with the addition of its new V-motion grille and boldly designed bumper. Meanwhile, the Dayz Roox offers elegance through its wide, V-motion-based front grille. The lineup features 20 exterior colors in all including five new variations.

Along with new seat covers, Nissan has established its Premium Gradation Interior that provides enhanced quality throughout the cabin. Its elegantly designed diamond quilted gradations and synthetic leather combination seats allow for easier removal of stains, as these brightly colored cabins cater to the needs of mothers of all ages.

From a functionality perspective, the Dayz Roox comes equipped with high beam assist, which automatically adjusts the height of its beam by detecting vehicles in front of them. On select models, Nissan has also standardized cruise control for easier driving on highways. It also features a nanoe rear ceiling fan and quick deodorization seating for the first time on a mini car as well as high-performance air conditioning filters (for hay fever, yellow dust, and PM2.5). In addition, an insulation roof, IR-cut glass, heated driver’s seat, PTC heaters and rear heater ducts have been installed for greater comfort throughout the interior.

The Dayz Roox is priced from 1,306,800 yen to 1,875,960 yen.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)