Mazda CX-5

New Mazda CX-5: “Refined Toughness” designed concept brings 1st-gen style to adult drivers

Mazda says the design concept behind the CX-5 is “Refined Toughness.”

Chief designer Shinichi Isayama says, “Another way to say it is ‘Beautiful Toughness.'” The idea behind it, he says, “We wanted to take the feeling of youthfulness and energy from the stirring aspect of the first generation to the next level for adult drivers.” To do this, “Our idea was to mix the toughness of SUVs with high quality rather than choosing just one to create a new kind of value.”

The word “refined” implies fine tuning and polishing. Isayama says, “The exterior is ‘refined’ through its careful polishing which offers beautiful movement in its reflections and control of the flow of its highlights.” He says furthermore, “For the frame also, we moved the A pillars back 35mm, changing the balance between the body and cabin quite a bit. This gives it a more attractive proportion and form that creates a good mix of toughness.”

It’s the same with the interior. “We further refined the luxury feel and high quality of the interior and created an SUV-like space structurally.” More specifically, he says, “The air conditioner’s vents are a standout feature. Usually, when you refine the interior in a more luxury direction, you lose that toughness. We arranged the vents intentionally with accents in the molding for a metallic style that protrudes to produce a feeling of toughness. As a result, we managed to produce a design that perfectly presents both high quality and toughness.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)