The all-new Honda Spirior Sport Hybrid

2016 Auto Guangzhou: Dongfeng Honda introduces new Spirior Sport Hybrid featuring 23.8km/liter of fuel efficiency

Dongfeng Honda, a joint venture in China between Honda Motor Company and Dongfeng Motor Corporation, unveiled its all-new Spirior Sport Hybrid at the 2016 Auto Guangzhou, which was held in late November.

The first-generation Spirior was released to the Chinese market in the fall of 2009. In China, the Accord is sold by Guangqi Honda, a joint venture between Honda and the GAC Group. As a result, the Spirior was established as Dongfeng Honda’s version of the Accord.

In fall 2014, Dongfeng Honda introduced its second-generation Spirior to the Chinese market. Unlike the first model for which the exterior is based on the Accord, the new model features an exclusively designed body.

This time, Dongfeng Honda launched its Sport Hybrid trim for the new Spirior at the recently held 2016 Auto Guangzhou. Loaded with the same hybrid powertrain as the Accord Hybrid, this addition has strengthened the lineup for the all-new Spirior.

According to Dongfeng Honda, the Spirior Sport Hybrid offers a fuel efficiency of 23.8km/liter.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)