Note e-POWER Nismo (Photo by Kei Takagi)

Nissan adds Nismo version of Note e-POWER with reinforced body and specialty suspension

Nissan announced that along with adding the Note e-POWER Nismo, it has also upgraded the Note Nismo and Note Nismo S and they will be released December 12.

The Note e-POWER Nismo has a specialty reinforced body, suspension with carefully selected springs, and other features. Its design strengthens the balance between luxury driving performance and sportiness, as well as putting it in the top of its class in terms of comfort and safety.

It further makes use of the strengths of the electric drive system and is equipped with a VCM specialty tuning computer that offers a high acceleration feel that picks up instantly from any speed. It has its own acceleration response and power regeneration in normal mode and S-mode, which gives it a fun, smooth drive whether on regular road conditions or winding streets. The price is 2,458,080 yen.

The Note Nismo and Note Nismo S have gotten design upgrades for both the interior and exterior. The Note Nismo has new safety features like Intelligent Emergency Brake and Lane Departure Warning (LDW). The price for the Note Nismo is 2,094,120 yen and the Note Nismo S is 2,328,480 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)