Teaser image of new Toyota Camry

2017 Detroit Motor Show: Toyota to unveil new Camry

The Camry, Toyota’s long-time best-selling flagship sedan in the US, is about to undergo a model change.

This was revealed by Toyota Motor Sales USA on December 1. It announced, “The new Camry will make its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January.”

The current US Camry was released in August, 2011. The front mask and other features are different from the Japanese version. For the power train, the Japanese version is hybrid only. The US model offers a regular gasoline engine.

Toyota unveiled the 2015 model at the New York International Auto Show in spring, 2014. Toyota says that now, two and a half years later, Toyota has made major improvements that include around 2,000 changes to various parts.

Toyota plans to release the new Camry in the US as the 2018 model. It has released one teaser image of the new model. The teaser image shows a bold design with features such as the tail lamp and bumper slip which gives the rear a sense of continuity.

(Translated by Greg Scott)