Daihatsu Tanto X SAIII

Daihatsu offers improved Tanto with Smart Assist III

Daihatsu has made improvements to the Tanto kei car and the Tanto Sloper and Tanto Welcome Seat welfare kei cars and the new and improved models went on sale November 30.

The improvements were aimed at improving the models’ safety and ease of use through the addition of features like adding Smart Assist III to the collision avoidance system. These are the first models to use Smart Assist III.

In addition, sonar sensors in two locations of the rear are added to notify the driver of obstacles on the right or left dead spots. The Corner Sensor feature alerts the driver with a buzzer if something is detected.

Changes for easier use include power sliding doors and the D Assist power mode steering switch as standard safety features. The welfare vehicles also are updated for improved safety and ease-of-use with the addition of Smart Assist III and other features.

The price is the same at 1,220,400 to 1,873,800 yen for the Tanto and 1,430,000 to 1,860,000 yen for the welfare vehicles.

(Translated by Greg Scott)