Lexus Sriracha IS

2016 Los Angeles Auto Show: Lexus displays Sriracha IS collaboration custom model

Lexus unveiled the Sriracha IS at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 16.

The model is a custom car collaboration between Lexus and the chili sauce brand Sriracha, which is very popular in the United States.

The Sriracha IS is designed to give it an appearance of spiciness just like the chili sauce brand on which it is based. The body color is “Sriracha Red.” The front grille area, brake carry bar and rear are green. The green coloring is based on the bottle’s cap.

The steering wheel and other switches in the interior are given a chili sauce-esque orange color. The seats use handmade leather and have red and green accents.

The trunk is loaded with 43 bottles of Sriracha chili sauce. Lexus says, “This is for when there’s a flavor emergency.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)