Nissan Sentra NISMO

LA Motor Show ’16: Nissan Sentra Gets NISMO, Pro-tuned Suspension

On 16 November, Nissan America gave the public their first glimpse of the Nissan Sentra NISMO at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2016, the vehicle complete with NISMO’s characteristic Takumi Tuning implemented all throughout the vehicle.

Most of the power brought out by this fine tuning has been in the suspension. The strut-type independent front suspension torsion beam-type rear suspension utilize mono tube rear dampers and custom tuned front springs and struts. Lightweight mono tube-type shock absorbers allow for nimble response in terms of damper stroke count and acceleration due to detached oil and gas chambers and high pressure gas chargers on the shock absorbers.

In addition, the by improving damper response, steering and adaptability to terrain have also been made more responsive. Springs and struts are all fine tuned with the characteristic NISMO touch, improved body control allowing for more smoothing turning on difficult corners.

Furthermore, the strength of the frame has been improved through body reinforcement at the manufacturing level. With a thicker cowl and reinforced flooring and rear panel shelf, the body’s durability has been much improved. Through this, steering responsiveness is better, the vehicle riding on a perfectly tuned platform provided by the custom NISMO tuning and the vehicle’s new engine.

Nissan USA commented that with the Sentra NISMO “we’ve been able to fulfil the five major aspects of what makes a NISMO model a NISMO, those being handling responsiveness, grip, steering feel, body control, and ride handling balance.”

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]