Honda's 2050 autonomous car

2016 Los Angeles Auto Show: Honda team wins first prize for its 2050 car design

During the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 18, the results of the 2016 Design & Developer Challenge were announced and three companies including Honda were selected by the examination committee for first prize.

For the 2016 Design & Developer Challenge, 11 automakers, media companies and consumer brands created 5 teams and worked together under the theme of “Automatic Driving Cars: The User Experience Redefined for 2050.” Each team, which was made up of designers and software developers, competed with each other to express their ideas of what revolutions there will be in interior and exterior design, and how automatic driving cars will synthesize technology, data and connectivity for a new kind of driving experience.

The designers and developers each created a short film that answered the following questions:

– How will the city of Los Angeles evolve to accommodate for autonomous transportation?
– What kinds of experiences will people be able to have within autonomous vehicles?
– What are the vehicles that enable these experiences like?
– How will the vehicle and in-vehicle experience fundamentally transform people’s lives?

More than 20,000 journalists, automakers, designers and other car experts watched the concept videos and voted for the team they liked. Honda, Lego, and Trigger won awards for their creations.

One of the examination committee members, Mattel’s Vice President Chris Down, said, “Honda, Lego and Trigger Global unanimously impressed the judges with their conceptual future of self-driving cars, where the consumer experience was paramount. They gathered inspiration from children, the generation that will actively experience the technology. The presentation created a fun and optimistic future that 2050 car owners can look forward to in the years ahead.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)