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Photo Feature: A look at Honda’s NSX craftsmanship and technology

Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) began full operations at the end of October. PMC is a special facility in Ohio for building the Acura NSX.

Honda invested around $70,000,000 USD (about 7.7 billion yen) in the facility, which is located in the town of Marysville, and it began production in May. Although the facility is only 17,000 square meters, which is a little over a third the size of Tokyo Dome, it has all of the equipment needed for body frame welding, painting, assembly and inspection. The only thing it lacks is a process for pressing.

Honda has chosen about 70 expert technicians from the Ohio plant’s 6,000 with an average of 20 years of experience. Full production at the plant means small quantity production of 8 cars a day. The plant’s manufacturing puts together veteran craftsmanship and robot technology with parts of the process such as the MIG welding being done completely by robots.

(Translated by Greg Scott)