The all-new Subaru Impreza Sport

Orders for all-new Subaru Impreza more than triple its monthly target

At a financial results conference held on November 2 in Tokyo, President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) announced that they have received orders for 8,817 units of the recently released all-new Impreza.

President Yoshinaga said, “Though we began accepting orders for the new Impreza from September, the 8,817 units as of the end of October is nearly 3.5 times our monthly target of 2,500 units. We are truly overwhelmed by these results and appreciate all the support from our customers.”

FHI announced that it had received orders for 5,883 units of the new Impreza when it was launched on October 11, which means that an additional 3,000 units were ordered in the remaining 20 days in October.

As of the end of October, orders for the new Impreza consisted of 7,037 units of the five-door Sport Hatchback and 1,780 units of the G4 Sedan. All-wheel-drive models and 2.0-liter engine models comprised 61.8% and 74.5% of all Impreza sales, respectively.

Moreover, President Yoshinaga added, “I went to a dealership convention in the US the other day and the Impreza is receiving rave reviews there as well. Though it has yet to go on sale, we anticipate further increases in demand from now in the US.”

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)