Infiniti's QX Sport Inspiration 2016

2016 Los Angeles Auto Show: Infiniti’s futuristic QX Sport Inspiration to make North American debut

On October 13, the sponsoring organization for the Los Angeles Auto Show announced that Infiniti’s QX Sport Inspiration will make its North American debut on November 14.

The QX Sport Inspiration was unveiled in April of this year at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show in China. This concept offered a preview of what midsize SUVs will look like in the future. At the 2016 Paris Motor Show last month, it evolved into the QX Sport Inspiration 2016.

The QX Sport Inspiration 2016 featured a variety of updates. The exterior color was changed from silver to matte gray, and vivid bronze-colored 22-inch wheels were added to accompany its brake calipers.

The interior features natural yellowish brown accents on its mainly black and white leather upholstery. Brown leather has also been added to different sections for additional refinement. Moreover, all doors come with illumination kick plates.

According to Infiniti, the QX Sport Inspiration 2016 is highlighted by its elegant yet powerful and innovative SUV design. It reveals their vision for midsize premium SUVs of the future.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)