Acura Precision Concept

LA Motor Show ’16: Acura to Show off New Concept Car

On 14 November, at the Los Angeles Motor Show ’16, Honda’s high end luxury brand, Acura, is set to make a world premier announcement.

This information was made public by the organization committee behind the Los Angeles Motor Show on 13 October, announcing that “Acura is set to debut a new concept car at Los Angeles Motor Show ’16.”

In January of 2016 at the Detroit Motor Show ’16, Acura first announced their precision concept car. This concept car, serving to inform where the company’s design sensibilities would be trending toward in the future, serves as a concept for a next generation of luxury sedans.

According to those behind the Los Angeles Motor Show, the concept car planned to be premiered on 14 November “will work toward bridging the gap between man and machine, utilizing a futuristic interior design and interface and will introduce how Acura technology will be informed in the coming years.”

After showing off the precision concept in January, Acura is assumed to present a concept car that places high importance on connectivity at Los Angeles Motor Show ’16.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]