New Honda Freed

Photo Feature: New Honda Freed aimed at those who love to drive

Eight years after the first-generation model was released in 2008, Honda has made changes to the Freed compact minivan with three rows of seats, and it unveiled the new model on September 16. One month after its release along with the Freed Plus, there have already been 27,000 advanced orders, which is more than 4 times its monthly sales goal.

The lineup for the new and improved Freed includes a 1.5L gasoline engine version and a hybrid version. The hybrid’s top fuel efficiency is 27.2kmL, putting it at the top of the minivan class. The price ranges from 1,880,000 yen for the Freed B FF model to 2,676,000 for the Freed + HYBRID EX.

What I first noticed after climbing in was how good the suspension was. I had a chance to drive it on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and it handled the sudden curves with ease. The turning radius is 5.2m (it’s usually on average 5.5m for a 7-seater minivan), so it was very easy to handle. It’s great even for parking garages without much room and narrow big city alleyways.

I recommend this model for people who’d say, “I have a family and a partner who doesn’t really drive but that won’t stop me from enjoying my car.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)