New Nissan Micra (March in Japan)

2016 Paris Motor Show: New Nissan Micra’s on-board infotainment system

Nissan made the world premiere of the new Micra (March in Japan) at the 2016 Paris Motor Show at the end of September. It has a full on-board infotainment system including a specially designed audio system. It features the Bose Personal Sound System, developed collaboratively by Bose and Nissan.

This sound system has 6 speakers. The driver’s side headrest has two of Bose’s Ultra Nearfield inside it. The speakers have been optimized for the driver’s use through employment of Bose’s Personal Space virtual audio technology, which Nissan says offers sound quality that gives the effect of drawing the driver in.

For the other passengers, there are Bose Super 65 speakers, which are known for their excellent bass performance, in the front doors, and the left and right A pillars have tweeters that offer an especially clear sound.

The new Micra also has 7-inch full-color displays. Users can integrate the audio system, navigation system and cellphones using the CarPlay app, as well as use other downloaded aps and Siri voice control.

(Translated by Greg Scott)