Infiniti Q80 Inspiration

2016 Los Angeles Auto Show: Infiniti to make mysterious world premiere

It has come to light that Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti plans to world premiere something at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show in mid-November.

This news was revealed by the organizers of the show. At present, details about the world premiere are unknown. Over the past few years, Infiniti has placed great emphasis on the Los Angeles Show.

For example, at the last Los Angeles Auto Show, it premiered the QX30. It chose Los Angeles as the place to debut its first crossover.

In 2014, it made the North American debut of the Q80 Inspiration in Los Angeles. Infiniti was expanding its lineup and this was planned as its new flagship model. Infiniti called the hybrid 4-door coupe a “Fastback Sedan.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)