Lexus UX Concept

2016 Paris Motor Show: Lexus unveils UX Concept showing new design concepts

Lexus unveiled the UX Concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show on September 29. It uses the “Inside Out Concept,” which produces a synergy of exterior and interior.

The aim of the Inside Outside Concept is to create a highly synergetic linear X when the car is seen from a bird’s eye view from above.

Taking a closer look, the front grille is a thick spindle grille that strengthens the identity of Lexus. It gives a three-dimensional effect. The deep engraving and delicate surface molding are reminiscent of a classic sports car. At the same time, the overall design is strongly individualistic as you would expect from Lexus.

The front lights are in the L shape, which is Lexus’ symbol. The lights are made of fiber molding that expand the air ducts and, together with the spindle grille, they present a feeling of wideness and strong presence. The rear lights are integrated with the spoiler for a dynamic, three-dimensional feel.

The tires are designed with powerful grip for the road and the side walls are worthy of a crossover model. One standout feature is the way the wheel is designed to match the tires and spokes.