Honda Civic Type R Prototype (2016 Paris Motor Show)

2016 Paris Motor Show: Show Car Library – Honda’s all-new Civic Type R

The all-new Civic Type R for the new 10th-generation Civic series will be based on a five-door hatchback. While inheriting its low and wide styling that characterizes the current Civic Type R, the exterior offers a more aggressive and dauntless design.

For the front, the new Civic Type R features a large bumper grille and air vents on the bonnet to offer superior aerodynamic performance. For the rear, it comes with diffusers on the bumper as well as a three-pipe center muffler, which contributes to its original design. It also comes with new 20-inch alloy wheels, which help boost its performance.

The new Civic Type R is scheduled for release to the European market in the latter half of 2017.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)