Lexus UX Concept at 2016 Paris Motor Show

2016 Paris Motor Show: Lexus unveils new design concept with UX Concept

Lexus unveiled the UX Concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show on September 29.

Designed by ED2 (ED Square) in Nice, France, the UX Concept has a forceful and powerful exterior design that indicates the future direction of Lexus’ compact crossover design.

The UX Concept’s design takes its basis from traditional design but matches it with state-of-the art technology to express a unique new worldview. It is designed to offer a cutting edge driving experience for urban dwellers.

The interior uses the Human Machine Interface technology to offer a cutting edge driving experience. It includes a spherical hologram on the driver’s side instrument panel that displays various types of information. Above the center console, too, there is a hologram that displays air-conditioner and infotainment information.

The Lexus UV Concept has other advanced technological features such as electric mirrors and dimming glass. The electric mirror camera allows the mirror to be smaller in size and thinner than those of existing models. It uses on on-board screen for displays. All of the controls are located under a transparent cover atop the center console. Other interior design features include the fin-shaped A pillar and the detachable speakers on the passenger side instrument panel.

(Translated by Greg Scott)