Honda Civic Type R Prototype (2016 Paris Motor Show)

2016 Paris Motor Show: Honda debuts next-gen Civic Type R Prototype

On September 29, Honda Motor Company unveiled it s next-generation Civic Type R Prototype at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in France.

This Civic Type R is based on the all-new 5-door Civic Hatchback, which was also launched at the same show. For this prototype, Honda has developed a sedan, coupe and hatchback for the 10th generation Civic series. This new model utilizes the same platform as its global models.

While inheriting its low and wide styling that’s characteristic of the current Type R, the exterior offers an even more aggressive and dauntless look.

For the front, the new Civic Type R features a large bumper grille and air vents on the bonnet to offer superior aerodynamic performance. For the rear, it comes with diffusers on the bumper as well as a three-pipe center muffler, which contributes to its original design. It also comes with new 20-inch alloy wheels, which help boost its performance.

The new Civic Type R is scheduled for release to the European market in the latter half of 2017. Along with the new Civic Hatchback, it will be assembled at Honda of the UK Manufacturing Limited in Swindon, UK. The release in Europe will be followed by exports to North America and other regions thereafter.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)