Toyota Dyna Cargo

Toyota makes minor improvements to Dyna and ToyoAce including whole new front face

Toyota has made changes to the 1-ton Dyna and ToyoAce and the new models go on sale September 26.

One change is the addition of ABS as a standard feature for improved safety performance. Like the 2-ton versions, the cab design has been completely changed to give a stronger front-view. Toyota has given them multi-reflector headlamps to provide a clear field of vision during nighttime. The interior cabin space has been improved by widening legroom. For improved convenience, there is a tray that can be opened with hooks that extends from the passenger side to the middle seat.

The TECS also received the same changes as its base model.

The price for the cargo single cab standard deck Jastro 1.5-ton diesel is 2,889,000 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)