Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept

[Paris Motor Show 2016] Artificial Spider Silk Used for Seats… Lexus

Lexus announced on September 15 that they will debut their new concept seat, the “Kinetic Seat Concept,” at the Paris Motor Show 2016, held in France on September 29.

The intention of this seat’s design is to reduce fatigue during long hours of driving, improve the ease of operation during turns, as well as other features. It has a completely new shape and new functions: the seat cushion and back rest move to match the movement of the passenger, and if there is a moving pedestrian nearby, the driver will be alerted above the seat.

Furthermore, for even more ease of operation, when turning or driving on rough roads, the movement of the driver’s head is kept to a minimum, keeping their line of sight stable. Also, in order to provide moderate stimulation to the body from the movement of the lower back, the seat suppresses muscle fatigue during long hours of driving.

In addition, the spider web patterned lining used is a non-oil derived, ecologically friendly artificial spider silk fiber. By the fermentation of microbes, the main component, spider silk fiber protein, is created in its raw state. It is then spun and processed, making it extremely shock-absorbing.

Lexus commented, “As for the luxury brand which continues to offer impressive and surprising vehicles which surpass customers’ expectations, this seat is also an example of our ever-advancing creative technique, which was proposed without delay.”