Daihatsu Move Canbus G Makeup SA II

Daihatsu releases new Move Canbus with rounded silhouette for female drivers

On September 7, Daihatsu released the new Move Canbus kei car targeted for female drivers. The Move Canbus is a kei wagon with a new kind of style in its design and functionality designed to provide a driving experience that matches the lifestyle of female drivers.

The exterior has a simple and serene expression with a rounded silhouette. The sense of serenity continues with the interior design, which creates a natural, comfortable space.

With a height similar to the Move and the first sliding doors on both sides in its class, it offers a comfortable space and ease of use. The interior is designed for maximum convenience with its rear sliding doors and easy storage bins. The bins can be arranged in a “Storage Rack Layout.” In addition, there is a wide range of new items such as the storage bins which allow for optimal use of legroom for the backseats; AFS to provide peace of mind while driving at night; and panoramic monitor for parking and difficult intersections.

For safety features, it is equipped with the Smart Assist II collision avoidance system. It uses camera, laser radar and sonar sensor to detect nearby vehicles in front of the car and an emergency brake to avoid collisions. It also notifies the driver of nearby cars and pedestrians and lane deviation, as well as a system for controlling accidental front and back acceleration.

There are 8 striped variations and 9 monotone color variations, bringing the total to 17 color choices. The price is 1,188,000 to 1,668,600 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)