Mitsuki Takahata, who appears in a CM for the new model

Daihatsu releases Move Canbus kei car for around-30 female drivers

On September 7, Daihatsu unveiled and began sales of its new Move Canbus kei model. It is a tall wagon designed for female drivers with storage space and price on par with the Move and Tanto.

The price is 1,190,000 to 1,670,000 yen. Daihatsu’s monthly sales goal is 5,000 per month. It was developed to meet the diverse needs of kei car drivers and the target market is women around thirty who are unmarried and living at home.

The Daihatsu Move Canbus has a rounded shape and is the first in the Move class with sliding doors on both sides. It is also the first kei car with headlights operated by the steering wheel, which is a standard feature for certain grades.

At a Tokyo press conference for the release, Daihatsu development division senior operating officer Toru Ueda said, “We designed it to match the lifestyle of female drivers, its target market. We want to keep expanding new variations to meet each and every need of our target market.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)