Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus TV truck

Mitsubishi Fuso unveils its new full-sized truck in Kenya first

Ahead of its worldwide release, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus unveiled the TV high performance ultra-large truck in Kenya. The TV is a collaboration with Daimler Truck Asia’s DICV Pvt., Ltd.

The TV 3340S Tractor has a gross combination vehicle weight (GCW) of 65 tons. Its new 400ps OM457 V6 11.97L engine and 12-speed manual transmission give it excellent performance in hilly areas and good environmental performance. It also has hub reduction designed to provide an optimal rear axle ratio for its various specifications, as well as a large cabin with a sleeping compartment.

The TV was designed based on Daimler’s platform technology. With ample loading capacity and excellent environmental performance, it is designed to meet the needs of Kenya’s container shipping companies.

Since 2013, MFTBC has been selling new trucks in Kenia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa. It is adding the new TV in order to expand its lineup. The aim is to expand sales in Kenya, which is planning a number of major infrastructure projects.

(Translated by Greg Scott)