New Toyota Prius PHV

New Toyota Prius PHV: PHV Version Of Current Prius, Can Cruise 60 km In EV Mode [with photos]

The Prius PHV, having undergone a design overhaul, has been made available for test drives at a mini circuit in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The centerpieces of the new model are a new design to differentiate it from other Priuses as well as wide range improvements to the EV efficiency.

The new Prius PHV utilizes a lithium ion battery, allowing for a very quick 80% recharge within approximately 20 minutes utilizing the CHAdeMo standard charger. Using AC 100V, the car takes approximately 14 hours to change and approximately 2 hours 20 minutes to charge with AC 200V. Cruising distance while using EV mode has been upped to over 60 km. New technologies such as the solar panel that can be attached to the vehicle’s roof can work to charge the car’s battery and carbon fiber reinforced panels for the back door.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]