Video: Lexus LX570 and Land Cruiser 200 tackle rugged off-road driving

The LX570 is the pinnacle of Lexus’s SUVs. Now, there’s a video of an off-road test with the LX570 and the Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

The Lexus LX 570 is the Lexus version of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. It was unveiled at the April 2007 New York Motor Show. It was designed as a luxury model with features that aren’t found in the Japanese version like its 5.7L V8 gasoline engine.

The latest 2016 model has also been introduced to Japan with its second facelift. It has a one-piece spindle grille and changes to the headlights and bumper that give it a new look. The rear tail lamps and bumper are new. For the interior, the meters and dashboard’s central monitor are newly designed. The monitors are enlarged including those for the back seats. New materials are used in each part of the interior to give it even more of a premium feel.

There are no changes to the engine. It is a 5.7L V8 gasoline engine that gets 383hp and 55.7kgm of torque. The transmission has been changed from 6-speed to 8-speed AT.

On August 15, Motor Trend posted a video that shows driving tests comparing the Lexus LX570 to the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. It shows off both models’ superior ability on rugged off-road conditions.

(Translated by Greg Scott)