Subaru Levorg 1.6STI Sport EyeSight

Subaru sells over 3,000 units of Levorg STI Sport in a month

Fuji Heavy Industries announced that as of August 21, it has received 3,052 orders for the Subaru Levorg STI Sport in a month after its release.

Developed through collaboration with Subaru Tecnica International (STI), the STI Sport is Subaru’s top-of-the-line grade for the Levorg, featuring its renowned driving performance and quality as well as enhanced stylishness throughout the vehicle. The STI Sport comprised 42% of sales for the Levorg lineup, marking an exceptionally successful start for a newly added trim.

The STI Sport consists of the 1.6STI Sport EyeSight and the 2.0STI Sport EyeSight, which comprise 52% and 48% of sales, respectively. As for the age group of customers, those 29 and under comprised 7%, those in their 30s comprised 15%, 40s comprised 35%, 50s comprised 28% and 60 and over comprised 15%.