New Acura NSX

Honda says new NSX deliveries to North America could take up to 2 years

It appears that buyers of the new Acura NSX in the US market may have to wait awhile before their new cars are delivered. This was revealed in late August by Honda Australia director Stephen Collins. He announced that there was already a two-year backlog for North American orders of the new NSX.

The new NSX is only being produced at a special facility in Marysville, Ohio, called the Performance Manufacturing Center. Because there are many processes that go into its production, the number produced is limited.

For example, it takes technicians fourteen hours to install the power train, suspension, wiring, interior, and body panels. Important bolts need to be attached by an expert and afterwards, a digital torque wrench that operates through wireless signals is used.

As a result, North American buyers may have to wait as long as up to two years for their new NSX. Collins says, “Because the number of cars we’re offering to the global market is limited, the new NSX like its predecessor is likely to be a rare model in Australia.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)