Daihatsu Sigra (2016 Indonesia International Auto Show)

2016 Indonesia International Auto Show: Show Car Library – Astra Daihatsu Sigra

Daihatsu’s Indonesian subsidiary, Astra Daihatsu Motor showcased its Sigra at the Indonesia International Auto Show, being held from August 11 to 21 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Sigra is a fully-fledged seven-seater A Segment MPV developed from the technology and know-how cultivated through Daihatsu’s mini cars in Japan, and reflects the needs of its Indonesian customers such as spaciousness and cargo room capacity. The Sigra is also Daihatsu’s second model to conform to Indonesia’s LCGC eco-car policy.

The exterior measures at 4,070 x 1,655 x 1,600mm (length x width x height) and the wheelbase is 2,525mm long.