Suzuki Ignis

2016 Paris Motor Show: Suzuki Ignis to make European debut

On August 10, Suzuki announced that it will unveil the Ignis to the European market at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, which commences on September 29 in France.

The Ignis was launched to the Japanese market at the end of January. It was introduced as a new type of crossover that offers compactness and the features of an SUV.

The Ignis offers a compact exterior that allows for easy driving, excellent visibility and plenty of ground clearance. It also performs exceptionally well in all kinds of conditions including snowy and rough roads.

The Ignis features refined styling combining its elegant and renewed interior with an impressively designed exterior that offers simple elements. In addition, the rear seating can be slid forward to create more cargo space at the back, thereby adding to its convenience.

Moreover, Suzuki will establish a smart hybrid system as an option for this European model, which will be released in early 2017.