Toyota Calya

Toyota unveils Daihatsu MPV Calya in Indonesia

On August 2, Toyota Indonesia subsidiary Toyota Astra Motor unveiled the new Calya.

On the same day, Daihatsu unveiled its sister model, the Sigra. For the Sigra’s development, Daihatsu used the kei-car technology and know-how it had amassed through its development activities in Japan. It is a 7-seater MPV that offers ample passenger and storage space to meet the needs of Indonesian consumers.

Daihatsu is building the Sigra locally in Indonesia and Toyota is using it as a base model, branding it as the Calya, and also selling it in the Indonesian market.

The front design of the Calya and Sigra is different. The Calya’s front grille is trapezoid-shaped, while the Sigra’s design is hexagonal. The fog lamps are also different.

Both cars qualify for Indonesia’s LCGC eco-car category. There are two types of engines, 1.2L and 1.0L. Toyota is trying to sell Indonesian consumers on the models’ low cost and low emissions.

(Translated by Greg Scott)