Lexus RX200t F Sport 2WD

Lexus RX F Sport Gets New 2WD Model And Custom Colors, Expanding Lineup

Lexus announced plans to release a sporty version of their crossover SUV, the RX F Sport, with 2WD and a new color, heat blue with contrast layering, unique to the RX F Sport.

Since Lexus introduced the RX in 2009, the Japanese luxury SUV market has grown nearly threefold. Continuing in the tradition of the company’s sports car, the Lexus F, the RX F Sport has received praise since its initial release, and with the new addition of 2WD, the company hopes to round out its lineup.

In addition to this, the company plans to further the connection to the Lexus F by adding the heat blue with contrast layering as a unique color available to the F Sport. This color, introduced with 2014’s RC F, brings to mind an ultra hot blue flame and is created via a new technology of layering different colors atop one another. This color scheme, viewed from any angle, produces an effect of a vivid and deep shine. In implementing this color scheme to the RX F Sport, Lexus hopes to give the vehicle even greater consumer appeal.

The RX200t F Sport (2WD) starts at ¥5,790,000 ($57,250) and the RX450t (2WD) at ¥7,165,000 ($70,850 USD).

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]