New Honda NSX for Europe

New Honda NSX’s environmental efficiency outdoes Ferrari and McLaren

Honda will start deliveries of the new NSX to Europe this fall. It has now released details on the new model’s environmental performance.

The concept behind the new NSX for Europe is “A new sports eXperience for the supercar segment.” Introducing the model to the supercar world inhabited by such big names as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren, the company is stressing its performance ability and environmental performance.

The new NSX has an in-line 3.5L (3493cc) V6 twin turbo engine equipped at mid-ship. In Europe, this engine gets 507ps/6500-7500rpm and puts out 56.1kgm/2000-6000rpm of torque.

It is equipped with the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD high-efficiency, high-output 3-motor hybrid system. It has two motors in the front and one in the rear with 9-speed dual clutch transmission. For the European model, the motors put out 74ps. The whole system puts out 581ps and gets 65.9kgm torque.

For their top hybrid model, Ferrari has the LaFerrari and McLaren has the P1, but the new NSX has as its benchmark the Ferrari 488GTB and McLaren 650S.

In terms of its environmental performance, the new NSX for Europe has a combined mode fuel economy of 10km/L and 228g/km CO2 emissions. This is quite impressive when compared to the Ferrari 488GTB with 8.8km/L and 260g/km, and the McLaren 650S with 8.6km/L and 275g/km.

(Translated by Greg Scott)