Mazda MX-5 RF at 2016 New York Motor Show

Auto Counsel 2016: Mazda to present 7 cars from past and present including MX-5 RF and Cosmo Sport

Mazda has announced what it will display at the Automobile Counsel 2016, which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from August 5 to 7.

Japan’s first heritage car event, Auto Counsel features over 80 famous cars from yesteryear presented by 9 automakers and 19 heritage car deals from Japan and around the world.

Mazda’s theme is “Mazda Design Elegance.” The carmaker will display 7 models that represent its unique design concepts from the past to the future, including the R360 Coupe and Cosmo Sport from the 60s, as well as the MX-5 RF (Roadster RF) that it displayed at the 2016 New York Motor Show.

It will also display various next-gen parts that embody its “kodo” design philosophy. It also plans to unveil for the first time Fragrance, developed in collaboration with Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido, which symbolizes the “kodo” concept. The idea is to offer a sensual brand experience that goes beyond just the sense of sight.

(Translated by Greg Scott)