2017 Toyota Camry for US

Toyota unveils 2017 Camry with wireless on-board smartphone charging

Toyota USA has unveiled the 2017 Camry for the US.

The US Camry was released in August, 2011. Features like the front mask are different from the Japan model. For the power train, the Japan model offers only a hybrid version. The US also has a regular gasoline version.

The Camry saw its first major improvements 2 years after its initial debut with the 2015 model which was unveiled at the 2014 New York Motor Show. The company presented a model with around 2,000 changes made to its parts.

The 2017 model has some minor changes. The luxury grade has the Entune Audio Plus multimedia system and JBL audio as standard features. Users can also charge their smartphones wirelessly.

Again, there are three power trains offered. There is a 2.5L in-line 4-cylinder hybrid with motor, 2.5L in-line V4 regular gasoline model, and 3.5L V6.

(Translated by Greg Scott)