Masamichi Kogai

Mazda 3 Upgrade: Mazda adds 1.5L clean diesel and stops 2.0 gasoline version with aim of boosting diesel sales

Mazda has made some major changes to the Mazda3 and released the upgraded version on July 14. Along with adding new technologies as standard feature for engine torque control and better driving performance, the changes also include adding a 1.5L clean diesel version.

The diesel version has two of the existing model’s 2.2L engines. Instead of offering a 2.0L gasoline version, Mazda is offering a 1.5L and 2.0L gasoline hybrid.

At a Yokohama press conference the same day, Mazda President Masamichi Kogai said that the company’s monthly domestic sales goal for Japan was 2,500 units and that the diesel option is expected to comprise half.

According to Mazda, diesel Mazda 3 sales in Japan for January to May were only 11%. By offering a low-cost but high-performance 1.5L version, it hopes to bring up diesel sales.

The company also expects among diesel sales that 60% will be the 1.5L option. Kogai stressed, “Japan will lead the world in furthering the spread of clean diesel.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)