Mazda3 improvement press conference

Mazda3 Improvements: President Kogai says upgrade is significant boost to performance

At a July 14 press conference at the company’s Yokohama research facility, Mazda President Masamichi Kogai spoke of the Mazda3’s upgrade. The Mazda3 underwent major changes and the upgraded version was released the same day.

The new version is equipped with the G-Vectoring Control next-generation vehicle control system technology, which is gaining a great deal of attention. It’s the first technology of its kind where movements of the steering wheel cause slight adjustments in the engine torque ensuring improved safety, handling and comfort.

Mazda has plans to turn this vehicle control technology, which it calls Skyactiv Vehicle Dynamics, into a series. It plans to add G-Vectoring Control to all of its models as a standard feature.

Kogai introduced G-Vectoring at the press conference, saying, “This technology is the first of its kind. It offers a significant improvement in terms of performance.” He also added, “The major improvements we’ve made to the Mazda3 drastically increase its level of quality. This is the beginning of a new challenge for Mazda.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)