Toyota 86 unveiling event

Toyota makes changes to 86 and holds unveiling event at Fuji Speedway

Toyota gave its 86 sports coupe some minor changes and unveiled the new model at Fukuoka Prefecture’s Fuji Speedway.

The unveiling featured talks with Toyota sports car division executive manager and ZR chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, Toyota Gazoo Racing Factory headquarters chief Koei Saga, motorsports marketing division chief Daisuke Okita, the special technical skill training department’s Nobuyuki Osaka, Toyota Gazoo Racing driver Masahiko Kageyama, and Super GT GT500 Class Lexus Team Le Man Wako’s director Juichi Wakisaka.

The talks discussed how big the 86 86 has been in motorsports and the 24 Hours Nürburgring. It also focused on the growing number of die-hard 86 fans worldwide and the fact that there is an 86 fan event almost weekly sponsored by fans.

Chief engineer Tada talked about the possibility of the model’s popularity increasing even further, saying, “It’s inevitable that the significant changes we’ve made to the 86 will lead to an increase of used early 86’s on the market, and this could lead to a new 86 boom. This broke out because of an explosion of second-hand users AE86. We think this will happen again.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)