Volkswagen Passat Variant Voyage

Volkswagen releases Passat Variant Voyage limited edition exclusively for Japanese market

Volkswagen Group Japan (VGJ) has established its Voyage special edition for the Passat Variant midsize wagon and released 250 limited units of this Japan-exclusive model on July 5.

Based on the Passat Variant TSI Comfortline, this limited edition model comes standardized with Volkswagen’s exclusive infotainment system featuring an ETC2.0 device and automatic height-adjustable LED headlights. In addition, it features window films effective for blocking strong sunlight on the rear as well as on the side windows at the back. As its name (the “Voyage”) implies, this special edition model is perfect for those who want to actively enjoy the outdoors and leisure activities.

The Passat Variant Voyage comes available in seven exterior colors, including Oryx White and Crimson Red as additionally priced options, and is priced at 3,890,000 yen.