Toyota 86 GT limited

Toyota: New Model 86 Announced, Improved Engine And Focus On Handling

Toyota will begin selling its front engine rear wheel drive 86, with minor changes made, from August 1.

The minor changes made for this model include improvements to the engine exhaust components, helping to better unfold the potential of the D-4S flat engine even more. With a maximum output of 207 ps (7 ps more than its previous incarnation), and a maximum torque of 212 Nm (again, 7 Nm more than its previous incarnation), helping to realize linear torque even at low RPMs. Furthermore, in addition to reinforced rigidity of the body, the suspension has also been improved, allowing for a superior sense of stability when handling the vehicle.

The exterior, through utilization and improvements, even at the most detailed level, the engineers were able to bring about a vehicle with improved senses of grounding and manoeuvrability. The front of the car has a more turned-down nose than its previous model, and by increasing the size of the grill’s opening laterally, its wide and low posture is further emphasized. With all models coming standard with Bi-Beam LED headlights, it also comes with LED fog lamps.

As for the interior, in addition to Toyota’s smallest steering wheel, a perfect circle with a 362 mm diameter, the vehicle also includes a 4.2 inch multi-information display panel and driver’s seat that gives the operator more of a sense of oneness with the 86.

Testuya Tada, chief engineer supervision development of the 86, commented that “We got a lot of feedback from Nuremberg which led to us reevaluating the vehicle from a technological standpoint. Through experience we’ve received at tracks all over the world, we are able to look at each item on the vehicle and rebuild it. Anyone can tell that about the new 86 from the moment they first grab the wheel and take off.”

The new 86 costs between ¥2,623,320 ($26,000 USD) and ¥3,250,800 ($32,000 USD).

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]