EHW5 Lithium Ion Battery for New Model Accord

New Blue Energy Lithium Ion Batteries To Be Used In Honda Accord

A new type of lithium ion battery produced by Blue Energy, a joint venture between GS Yuasa and Honda, known as the EHW5, will be used in the new model high-class sedan, the Honda Accord Hybrid, which will go on sale from May 26.GS

The new EHW5 lithium ion batter, when compared to previous Blue Energy products, has a higher output capacity, as well as safer performance and better durability while being 17% lighter than its predecessor and 7% smaller. This allows for the battery module in each vehicle to become 20% lighter and 15% smaller.

Blue Energy began mass producing lithium ion batteries in 2011, with over 500,000 of their batteries having been mounted into vehicles (2015). Translated into cells, this accounts for 26,000,000 cells.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]