Honda N-WGN G・L Package

Honda to release updated N-WGN models

On June 10, Honda Motor Company will release its updated N-WGN and N-WGN Custom mini cars.

For the N-WGN, this upgrade includes the addition of a metallic combination grille with matching colors to the body and chrome metallic outer door handles (G・L Package and G・Turbo Package). The interior features a choice of either Brown/Beige or Black upholstery that offers a comfortable and relaxing feel (G・L Package and G・Turbo Package).

Moreover, for the N-WGN Custom, Honda has established a new metallic grille, LED fog lights and LED room lights for enhanced quality to both the cabin and exterior. In addition, it offers an abundance of features including the 360°Super UV/IR-cut Package, which comes available on all grades.

For the exterior, Honda has added five new colors, expanding the lineup to 12 colors in all. The N-WGN is priced at 1,090,000 ~ 1,450,000 yen and the N-WGN Custom at 1,380,000 ~ 1,645,000 yen.