Honda CR-Z α Final Label

Honda releases final edition CR-Z with plans to discontinue the model within the year

On June 10, Honda released the CR-Z α Final Label limited edition hybrid sports model.

The CR-Z is a hybrid model that was first released in February, 2010. It offers a new twist on the hybrid with its advanced design, excellent fuel economy and sporty driving performance. It has sold a total of around 40,000 units since its release but Honda has decided to discontinue it within this year.

The limited edition model Honda is now releasing is the CR-Z’s final edition. It has a tough yet relaxed interior with features such as the special black combination seats emblazoned with the CR-Z Final label logo. Other features that add to its charm include light 17-inch aluminum wheels and logo-emblazoned aluminum console plate. It’s a special model meant to say thanks for the support customers have given the CR-Z.

The price is 2,800,000 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)