Honda N-One Premium Tourer SS Urban Black Package

Honda adds black-toned special edition to N-One with 3 color accent options

On June 10, Honda released the SS Suzuka Special Urban Black Package limited edition model to the low-height Premium Tourer Lowdown of the N-One kei car.

The interior is done in black and users can choose orange, blue or yellow accents for the front garnish, door mirrors, front grille and front bumper.

Users can also choose the Premium luxury grade, which takes the interior features and relaxed color scheme of the SS Suzuka Special Brown Style Package limited edition G version which was unveiled in December, 2015.

The price is 1,698,000 yen for the Premium Tourer Lowdown SS Urban Black Package and 1,580,000 yen for the FF version of the Premium SS Brown Style Package, and 1,710,000 yen for the 4WD version.

(Translated by Greg Scott)