Nissan X-Trail with Nismo Performance Package

Photo Feature: Nismo Performance Package offers excellent driving by on and off-road

The Nissan X-Trail is known for its stylish design and off-road performance that never fails to impress. Now, Nissan is adding the Performance Package to up the ante even more with aero parts, suspension kit, and sports muffler.

At a collaborative test drive event held by the Works Tuning Group composed of Nismo, STI, Mugen and TRD, Nismo brought an X-Trail equipped with a Nismo Performance Package. The aim behind the package was to create a car built just like a complete car, even though it has parts added.

The Nismo Performance Package strikes a nice balance between aerodynamics, stylish design, and excellent handling. Nismo has not worked a great deal in developing parts for SUVs like the X-Trail. The new suspension and muffler are only available for the 4WD, but the suspension really shows just how different the settings of gasoline cars and hybrid cars is. The ride it offers cuts down on excessive rolling and reduces the feeling of lightness of the body.

The aero kit with front under-spoiler, side skirts and rear under-spoiler, and the roof spoiler improve the drag coefficient. This doesn’t just improve downforce and make cornering more fun, but also improves the straight running stability. In addition, designed for off-road driving, it maintains plenty of ground clearance.

As with all Nismo products like the Juke Nismo, it offers tough gear but also a stylish design meant to provide an excellent Nismo road driving performance.

(Translated by Greg Scott)