Honda S2000

A rumored Honda S2000 successor model may be released in 2018 to commemorate 70 years of Honda

The global automotive media is rumbling with rumors of a successor model to the Honda S2000, which ceased production in 2009.

This is according to US auto site Car and Driver on May 19. According to an unnamed source, it says, Honda is planning to release an S2000 successor model to commemorate its 70th anniversary.

The S2000 was released in 1998 to commemorate Honda’s 5th anniversary. It was a two-seater FR convertible with a 2.0L in-line V4 gasoline engine which put out 250ps, which was extremely impressive for a naturally aspirated engine at that time. The late model had torque of 2.2L and put out 242ps. Production stopped in August, 2009.

Various bits of information are floating around about the rumored S2000 successor model. According to the latest reporting from Car and Driver, its body size makes it an FR in the same class as the new Mazda MX-5 but with a more powerful engine.

Since sports car performance capabilities are standardizes, it’s hard to imagine how this will be possible. Car and Driver says it has a detuned version of the 2.0L in-line V4 gasoline turbo for the new Civic Type R, which puts out 310ps.

(Translated by Greg Scott)