Nissan Venucia T90 at 2016 Beijing Motor Show

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Show Car Library – Nissan Venucia T90

At the 2016 Beijing Motor Show in April, Dongfeng Nissan unveiled the new T90 SUV for its Venucia brand. Dongfeng Nissan is a joint venture between Nissan Motor Company and China’s Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

The T90 is based on the VOW concept car at Auto Shanghai in the spring of 2015.

Its exterior is sporty and stylish. The T90 offers a wide and practical interior, powerful driving performance and a great deal of special features, including connectivity technology.

The T90 is a new type of SUV aimed at young people who appreciate uniqueness and individuality. It’s set for a China release in the second half of 2016.

(Translated by Greg Scott)