Toyota Priusα S Tune Black II

Toyota adds special black-toned edition to the Priusα

Toyota has added the S Tune Black II special edition to the Priusαand it went on sale May 13.

It’s based on the S but with both exterior and interior done in black. Features like the steering wheel switch based and console switch plate are done all over in piano black with lame, giving it a luxurious feel. Meanwhile, areas like the steering wheel and seat leather have white stitching for stylish accents.

The exterior has special features like the projector-type halogen headlamps with black extensions and chrome aluminum caps. Other attractive features include temperature-adjustable seats for both driver and passengers and water-repelling super UV/IR cut green glass for the front doors.

There are four special colors available. The price is 52,697,055 yen for the 5-seater version and 2,903,237 for the 7-seater.

For the base model, there is also the S Turing Selection option for the S which includes safety features like Pre-Crash Safety radar system.

(Translated by Greg Scott)